Flame Detector “Pulsar 3-015”

Pulsar 3-015 is the most modern and reliable flame detector in the Russian market.

Flame Detector Pulsar 3-015 consists of a main unit with solid housing designed for industrial use (the degree of case protection IP-55) and external IR sensor element (the degree of case protection IP-66). The external IR sensor element is connected to the main unit by means of an armored fiber-optic cable. Thus, the sensor element may be placed directly at the equipment-under-protection to provide the best possible view, while the main unit may be mounted with an easy access for maintenance.

There are three link channels in the fiber-optic cable that provide connection between the main unit and the external sensor element. The three fiber optic wires are made of special quartz optic fiber incased in the armored hose.

In the area under protection the infrared of the ignition source is caught by the unique optic system of the external IR sensor element. Further on it is uniformly distributed among the photodetectors of the main and compensating channels. Optical fiber has a narrow field of vision. That’s why it requires special engineering options that would allow to broaden the field of vision up to 90 degrees. Due to this unique optic system Flame Detector Pulsar 3-015 is resistant to optic hindrance caused by the sharp shadow borderline typical of windows and other similar constructions. It sets Flame Detector Pulsar 3-015 apart from many other competing products.

Quartz optical fiber has a very wide temperature range of work from -50 to +200 °С. It determines the first important advantage of this model.

Both external optical sensor and fiber-optic cable are completely explosion-proof. It stands for the second important advantage.

The third important advantage of fiber-optic cable is that it is resistant to radio-transmitting equipment and electromagnetic interference. Thus, the external optical sensor will function safely in zones with a high level of electromagnetic field.

Optical radiation of the environment is transmitted to two groups of photodetectors that have different spectral characteristics. The main channel detects the real fire spectral characteristics while the compensating channel targets interference spectrum that is typical of sunlight, welding, artificial light, etc.

The processing channels are equipped with a microcontroller for analog-to-digital conversion. Every millisecond the microcontroller estimates the signal presence and subjects the data to complex mathematical treatment. Due to signal digital filtering and innovative algorithms Flame Detector Pulsar 3-015 is capable of determining and filtering out repeatable optic interference, thus making possible to have several different sources of periodic radiation (e.g. flashing lights or artificial light produced by technical facilities) at one and the same time in the area under protection.

The third link channel is for end-to-end testing of Flame Detector Pulsar 3-015. Via the third link channel the microcontroller sends test signals to the light-emitting diode that is placed at the external IR sensor element. The LED radiation is sent to the photodetectors and then to the main unit via the main and compensating channels. The flame detector is self-tested once in 60 seconds on condition that there are no impulses resembling those of fire in the area under protection.

Of particular interest are modifications Pulsar 3-015 NK2 and Pulsar 3-015 SK2 which form split signals “Alarm” and “Fault”. The “Fault” signal is formed when the test signal didn’t get to the optical path, or the electronic circuit is faulty, or the flame detector gets no electrical supply.

The response time of Pulsar 3-015 can be adjusted. With the help of jumper pins you can set the time from 6 up to 24 seconds. Upon a special order you can limit the time by 1 second. It can be of great importance for highly hazardous and dangerous industry. Vice versa the response time can be prolongated within the limits of 20 up to 120 seconds. It can be required by the technological processes when the open fire is directly in the area under protection and the fire detection is necessary only when the flame gets out of control. Such unique setups are made on special order.

Flame Detector Pulsar 3-015 guarantees 100% protection against false alarms even if the flame detector happens to be under direct sunlight or light reflections. More than that. Pulsar 3-015 detects real fire with the sunlight being on the background. It makes Pulsar 3-015 unique in the world market. And it is this very function that guarantees great advantages when ensuring the safety of maintenance and repair services, auto shops, yards and garages, depos, shipbuilding yards, gas and oil compressing stations, heat electric power stations, hydroelectric power stations and other areas with hard operating conditions.