Project and manufacturing enterprise “KB Pribor”​

Project and manufacturing enterprise “KB Pribor”, Ltd. (KB Pribor, Ltd.) was established in 1993. Since then our team has been bringing wide-ranging perspectives and expertise to solving the complex challenges of today and tomorrow that the fire protection industry presents. Our basic sphere is design and manufacture of measuring and control industrial equipment. Our team has the talent and the technology to create the safer, better and more reliable world of your safety. Our research has pushed the limits of engineering making possible the batch production of complex highly reliable equipment that has proved to be failsafe in extreme conditions. Our permanently installed devices operate in outdoor conditions at numerous industrial sites in all climate zones, including the Far North. Our portable modifications withstand serious off-road transportation stress. We feel responsible for our planet. Today, our manufacturing process has the lowest environmental footprint possible, thanks to our use of clean technologies. We have committed ourselves to leading the way of constant modernization that allows to create better systems, better circuit concepts to meet the demands of our customers and solve societal challenges. We create a future of zero fire risks.